Desktop Wallpapers

There is a definite lack of decent dual-monitor wallpapers out there. This is my attempt to slightly fill that void.

My post about dual-monitor techniques can help you set up wallpapers for both screens on Windows systems.

If you run on a Mac, your system has far better multi-monitor support, so should be no problem.


  • Spectral Noise

    Spectral Noise

    Description: Loosely based on Aurora Borealis [edit: Link now unavailable]. The tutorial he linked to was down, so I improvised and made this in about five minutes. The effect was pretty much what I wanted.

    3200x1200 2560x1024

  • Underwater Serenity

    Underwater Serenity

    Description: Was practicing for different underwater scene techniques for the scenes in webcomic I used to work on, and thought it would be a cool effect to have these rays emanating from that space between monitors.

    This wallpaper uses some of the techniques outlined in Vlad's underwater tutorial.

    3200x1200 2560x1024

Other quality dual-monitor wallpaper sites:

  • Mandolux - Mostly photographic, some abstract
  • dmb - Lots of backgrounds in different categories. Some good, some not-so-much.
  • Vladstudio - Direct link to the dual-monitor category, but Vlad's wallpapers are amazing no matter the dimensions.