These are some experiments I've done in the course of different types of development. None of these include a preloader at the moment, so give them a minute after you click the link.

  • Water Ripple Simulator

    I still haven't quite gotten this where I want it. Sure, it does ripples and displacement, but it's not very tweakable at the moment.

  • Slice9Bitmap

    An Actionscript 3 class that takes an input bitmap as a parameter, and automatically treats it as a 9-sliced sprite. The code seems fairly stable at the moment, but I haven't thrown it into a production environment yet. I should be refining this; I know it's pretty rough at the moment. I would love to hear about any bugs you find.

    I am distributing this code under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


  • Wii Flash Test

    I became interested in Flash development for the Wii for a short time, since other avenues of getting code to a console can be problematic. This sample uses the WiiCade API, so can be used with a PC or Wii. The B button is not mapped, and only the primary controller is polled.

    Despite the ease of creating a game in Flash, the Wii polling system isn't as accurate as on PC, and the navigation buttons can interfere with gameplay. On top of all these problems, the Wii browser only supports Flash 7; as a result, I decided the benefits of newer Flash engines outweighed the ability to play on a console.

  • Mobile GPS Tester

    As part of a proof-of-concept, this page was created to demonstrate the location API of mobile browsers. Incidentally, the modern API also works in desktop browsers if location access is allowed (I'm not storing any of the data called on the page).