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The Importance of Order

The order of things is important; even moreso when those things are command line arguments.

After spending way too long (~30 minutes) trying to figure out why my background Blender renders were producing default cubes when that is clearly not what is in the scene, I finally looked at the console output and understood.

blender --background --python myfile.blend

What this command does is tells Blender, “Load into memory as a background process and run (which changes some settings and starts a render). Then load myfile.blend.” Once the file is loaded, background Blender exits.

In the proper order:

blender myfile.blend --background --python


HP Color LaserJet 3600 Windows 7/8/8.1

I honestly don’t know why HP hates its customers. They assume I want to use USB to connect a business printer, or want ~140MB for a driver, or want some other print management software instead of just a driver.

So here you go. The HP Color LaserJet 3600 64-bit driver for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. (14.2 MB)


New Must-Have iPad Peripheral

Based on a conversation with a buddy this morning:

Michael: (after reading this iPad review) could you imagine walking into someone’s house where they used their ipad as a $500 picture frame, all the time? I think I’d punch them in the face
Steve: I wouldn’t – I would sell them a iPad stylus for $100 (it would be a standard #2 pencil)
Michael: LOL …be sure to put shiny black plastic on it
Steve: $150 for for the “distressed” stylus (chewed up pencil)

The iStylus

iDistressed: Only $149.99!